Bakuen Campus Guardress (1994) ()

Bakuen Campus Guardress

Movie Info

  • Genre Action, Animation, Comedy
  • Release Date
  • Country Japan
  • Rating 7.7 / 10 (15 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Description The story behind Campus Guardress is that 30,000 years ago, the dimension known as the Dark World tried to invade and take over the regular world. The invaders were defeated and many pushed back, and their gateway to the Dark World was sealed. Those who were left behind in this world were known as the Remnants. Afterwards, Gateway Campus was established to keep protecting the world. All the inhabitants of Gateway Campus are known as Guardians, and each has special abilities to fulfill their duties. Now, in the present, the leader of the Remnants, Kijima Touta, has awakened after a forced 30,000 year sleep. He means to reopen the Gate and bring the Dark World across again, plus he has a score to settle with the people who defeated him the first time. Or least, with their reincarnations.

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