Chop Shop (2014) ()

Chop Shop

Movie Info

  • Genre Action
  • Release Date
  • Country USA
  • Rating 5.2 / 10 (108 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Vito Viscuso, Jonathon Trent, Chloe Stearns, Steven M. Porter, Emilie Kuznicki, Curt Bonnem, Alex Veadov, Carmen Serano, Gavin Raygoza, Lidia Porto, Mark Ivanir, Cuete Yeska, Lobo Sebastian, Rene Rivera, Hayden Szeto, Danny Mora, Rene Moran, Luis Moncada, John Bregar
  • Description "Chop Shop" follows a group of car thieves in Los Angeles as they rise from the criminal underground to become big-time international players.

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