Comme un air dautoroute (2012)

Comme un air dautoroute


  • Release Date
  • Country France
  • Directed by Franck Lebon, Vincent Burgevin
  • Writer credits Jean Vocat, Boris Vigneron, Franck Lebon, Edgard F. Grima, Vincent Burgevin
  • Rating 6.4 / 10 (23 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Nicolas Devort, Eddy Del Pino, Adeline Brossard, Eva Pardalis, Yves Massari, Amélie Yves Massari, Yanik Vabre, Patrick de Valette, Jean Vocat, Jérôme Bruno, Catherine Hosmalin, Didier Bourdon, Maryvette Lair, Boris Vigneron
  • Produced by Sophie Deloche, Philippe Braunstein
  • Description Peter, a young manager of Highway 440 is swept off his feet by Mary, daughter of Legrand, who aims to own the highway for business purposes. Will Mary succeed in pulling off the drama? Peter manages the last motorway service station yet to fall into the hands of the Degrand petrol company. With his band of zany and capricious employees, he somehow resists to save this small haven of peace. But the meeting with the powerful industrialist's daughter will change the order...


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