Everything She Ever Wanted (2009) ()

Everything She Ever Wanted

Movie Info

  • Genre Mystery, Crime, Biography
  • Release Date
  • Country Canada
  • Rating 6 / 10 (191 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Gina Gershon, Rachel Blanchard, Ryan McPartlin, Gabriel Hogan, Jessica Harmon, Lawrence Dane, Martin Donovan, Victor Garber, Tom Barnett, Laura de Carteret, Corinne Conley, Tracey Ferencz, Jessica Greco, Marvin Karon, Kathy Maloney, Jane Moffat, Philip Nessel, Michael D. Nye, Jason Pollard, Chick Reid, Martin Roach, Helen Taylor, Jean Yoon
  • Description College dropout Tom Allanson is an embarrassing loser in the eyes of his father, reputed Savannah top lawyer Walter, who even sides with his first wife after their divorce sos he gets custody of the children. Yet handsome, popular, easy-going Tom is his vixen second wife Pat's dream prince, especially after she seduces him to buy her Monticello dream house, albeit beyond their means, and gets Walter's father George, who sold his house to care for his terminal wife, to pay half and move into a wing. After pat accuses Walter, probably falsely, of sexual abuse, he gets Tom fired without any prospect of another job, ans is shortly after shot at home. Tom's best friend, a cop, reluctantly acts as crown witness in his murder trial. Pat, who made him turn down a plea bargain, can't afford the estate much longer and resorts to extreme measures.

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