Tarzan and Jane (S01E07)

Chasing the Mastermind


  • Release Date
  • Directed by Jesse Lickman
  • Writer credits Sean Catherine Derek, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Avi Arad
  • Rating 0 / 10 (0 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Rebecca Shoichet, Giles Panton, Omari Newton, Marci T. House, Paul Dobson, Michael Dobson, Doron Bell, Kathleen Barr
  • Produced by Jazmin Playtis, Kallan Kagan, Marianne Culbert, Allen Bohbot, Alexandra Bland, Avi Arad
  • Description While tracking the mastermind in Morocco, Tarzan and Jane learn that Greystoke bulldozers have been stolen and are headed for Tarzan's Jungle village.


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